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By Evis Hadjipetrou
Your “insurance policy” for the future
The Cyprus PR program offers non-EU nationals guaranteed permanent residency within 2 months with a single, secure, real estate investment of €300,000. It applies to the investor, their spouse dependent children up to age 25, and the parents of the applicant and spouse. 
Permanent residency status means that your family has the right to live freely in Cyprus or continue to live in your home country and just use the permit whenever you need it. 
Permit holders also have the right to own a business in Cyprus or set up a Cyprus company as an intermediary for export trading throughout the world, thus benefit from Cyprus’ excellent business and tax advantages. 
A permit holder can obtain a Schengen visa within just one week. Cyprus offers excellent education opportunities that enable your children to access the best universities worldwide. The uniqueness of the Cyprus program is that once the permits are obtained, they are valid forever, even after the children are no longer dependent.