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Malta – The EU Trust and Foundation Jurisdiction

Certainty and Security.  Malta is, as a civil law country within the European Union with a distinct Anglo-Saxon heritage, well placed to offer the benefits of both systems in a trust and foundation context. The Maltese Trusts and Trustees Act, together with the relevant provisions in the Maltese Civil Code, offers a robust framework for both trusts and foundations. Together with the Maltese Companies Act which regulates limited liability companies and partnerships, Malta can provide the legal entities and structures needed in international financing, wealth management, trading and other areas of business. International Finance Centre Malta has quietly emerged as...

U.S. Pre-Immigration Asset Protection

By David Richardson, Mid-Ocean Consulting Ltd.Foreign nationals planning on a move to the U.S. need consider pre-immigration planning to protect their assets from risk of attachment and the rising level of taxation on the wealthy. The following is a brief on planning that could exempt assets from such seizure and taxation.  Absent major tort reform, wealthy Americans (and increasingly, HMW individuals internationally), are seeing a rise in litigation to historically elevated levels; on a per capita basis, far greater than any other country in the world. And the increase shows no sign of abating. Added to which, increased taxation to...

LIBERIA – Global Pioneers in the Offshore Wealth and Tax Planning Industry

Hilary Spilkin. Hilary Spilkin is an international tax attorney and alumna of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law Master of Laws program. As Managing Director of the Liberian Corporate Registry, Hilary oversees the development and administration of the non-resident domestic business registry, while also being responsible for reviewing and recommending changes and providing policy determinations on the Liberian Associations Law and other legal provisions affecting Liberia’s non-resident domestic business entities. Hilary also is part of the Liberian advisory panel to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The CountryLiberia is one of the oldest corporate jurisdictions and has provided corporate...

Guernsey – a leader in trusts and foundations

By Wendy Weng, Guernsey Finance.  Guernsey,as a leading International Finance Centre (IFC), has significant experience and expertise in supplying offshore wealth management services to individualsfrom around the world, including China. With a heritage dating back more than 50 years in the provision of financial services, Guernsey’s wealth management sector is made up of more than 150 lead corporate licensees, ranging from local, boutique providers to large, multinational organisations. The Island provides a third country location from which Chinese individuals and families, who may be spread across the globe, can protect and manage their wealth and assets in a tax efficient...

Foundations and Trusts in Liechtenstein: An overview of Asset protection and Asset succession planning instruments for wealthy Chinese

The Principality of Liechtenstein is a leading traditional and modern international financial centre as well as a strong manufacturing industrial sector. In 2010 China and Liechtenstein celebrated the 60th anniversary of the beginning of their diplomatic and economic relationship. At the Expo in Shanghai Liechtenstein was represented with a Pavilion and in autumn 2014 China will be the guest country at the local fair in Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein’s commitment to tax transparency is demonstrated firstly by the fact that in January 27, 2014 the People’s Republic of China and Liechtenstein signed an Agreement for the Exchange of Information relating to Taxes...

Bahamas Trusts: Standing the Test of Time

By James Hoar and Miles Evans.  Since the Industrial Revolution possibly the biggest generator of capital and the single greatest driver of wealth creation worldwide has been the private ownership of operating companies. As advisers to international entrepreneurs and their families since 1959 we have observed a number of trends: Families in business together, and the entrepreneurs who drive them are increasingly more sophisticated in terms of their investments, their strategies and their goals; their ”footprint” is becoming more global, as family members cross borders and their businesses expand into new territories and technologies; they are increasingly concerned with wealth...


China has one of the fastest growing high and ultra-high net worth populations in the world. That new wealth brings its own challenges: How to invest it? How to protect it? How to ensure that it will last for future generations? The solution: The Bahamas, one of the oldest offshore jurisdictions with a rich history, a stable Government, a respected legal system and one of the busiest and most well-structured financial centers in the world. It is a low/ no tax jurisdiction that has far more experience at providing asset protection and wealth management services than its 40 years as...

The Bahamas Foundation – Truly a Hybrid Vehicle

By Timothy J. Colclough.  Historically, and when one thinks of estate / succession planning, creditor protection and ease of management of assets, the first “tool” that comes to mind is the tried and tested Trust. Regardless of which International Financial Centre (“IFC”) is chosen, the Trust has been the staple diet of a majority of practitioners for years, and will remain so for many years to come. However, the Trust is not a “one size fits all” solution. Indeed, and if a client feels uncomfortable with the trust concept it has been difficult to find another solution fitting the bill....