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King Charles Urged to Advocate for Dissolution of UK's Tax Havens

Campaigners are calling on King Charles to take action against the UK's "network of satellite tax havens," which enable an annual avoidance of £152 billion in taxes. The Tax Justice Network, a coalition opposing tax avoidance, has written a letter to the monarch, urging him to leverage his position to push for a revision of laws that allow rampant tax avoidance across the UK, crown dependencies, and British overseas territories.   In the letter, seen by The Guardian, the campaigners highlight the financial and human toll borne by ordinary people due to the UK's tax havens, for which King Charles...

Regulatory Landscape of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the US, UK, France, and Germany

The regulation of foreign direct investment (FDI) is gaining more significance in the field of investor regulations. While FDI restrictions are on the rise globally, the extent and characteristics of these regulations differ greatly across jurisdictions. In the following sections, we will outline the key elements of FDI regulation in the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK), France, and Germany.   TYPES OF TRANSACTIONS SUBJECT TO REVIEW   US: The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) has the authority to review: "Covered Transactions," which encompass any transaction that could grant control of a US business to...

The UK’s landmark effort to stop dirty money flowing into its real estate sector may be working

Matthew Collin, David Szakonyi, and Florian M. Hollenbach   Leading up to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the U.K.’s real estate sector had built up an unsavory reputation for being a great place to stash your illicit cash. Government risk assessments repeatedly flagged the sector as being a high risk for financial crime, in part due to improper implementation of due diligence checks by estate agents. Investigations by civil society organizations have revealed that a sizable chunk of high-value British real estate is owned by oligarchs, autocrats, and heads of government from around the world—typically through shell companies set up in tax havens with the explicit...

FDI round-up: China growth stalls, Middle East set for FDI boost, Bank of England flags ‘Truss effect

Ellesheva Kissin China’s gross domestic product (GDP) expanded by just 3% in 2022, a level well below the official target of 5.5% and one of the slowest growth rates recorded in almost half a century. The data published on January 17 by China’s National Bureau of Statistics shows how strict Covid-19 policies have weighed on Asia’s largest economy. The growth rate of 3% in 2022 was the lowest level — excluding the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic — since China began to reform its economy in 1978. Demographic data showed that China’s population declined for the first time in...

UK applying to join Asia-Pacific free trade pact CPTPP

By Dharshini David   The UK will apply to join a free trade area with 11 Asia and Pacific nations, a year after it officially left the EU.   Joining the group of "fast-growing nations" will boost UK exports, the government says.   The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership - or CPTPP - covers a market of around 500 million people.   But they are harder to reach than neighboring markets in Europe.   Members include Australia, Canada, Japan, and New Zealand.   Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam are also founder members of the bloc, which was...

Beyond the Pandemic: Global Transfer Pricing Trends Drive Change

By Oleg Rak   It is no secret that the world is changing at an accelerated rate. The world of transfer pricing is no exception, explains Oleg Rak of Mason Rak. The practice – like everything else in these unprecedented times – will have to adapt.   The transfer pricing world has evolved amid the pandemicInternational executive search firm Mason Rak has spoken with transfer pricing (TP) leaders across the globe, who expect changes in the world of TP to be accelerated as a result of the novel coronavirus and the resulting economic disturbances across the world.   The virus has...

Under the COVID-19 Situation, British Immigration Policy Continue Making a Splash

"No matter where you are, our mission is to tailor the best investment and immigration services for you." For many years, the UK has been the first choice for HNWIs to settle down and invest. The sudden outbreak disrupted many people's plans and seriously affected the international immigration market. In the face of the COVID-19, various countries have made many moves; the United States tried to prevent new immigrants from entering and suspended the issuance of green cards. Thailand has suspended landing visas. Many European countries have completely blocked their borders. In contrast, the move of the Home Office is...

The UK is Open for Chinese Entrepreneurs

An interview with a regulated UK immigration advisor  Are you a business owner who would like to provide a better quality of life for your family, and expand your business at the same time? Then look no further than the United Kingdom, through the Representative of an Overseas Business visa route. Beyond Residence & Citizenship, a UK investment immigration firm can help you move to the UK in a matter of months, if you meet the requirements. We asked Polina Revzina, Partner of Beyond Residence & Citizenship, and a licensed UK immigration advisor with many years of experience in the...