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Profile - Qatar

Executive Summary:Qatar is a Middle Eastern peninsula jutting north into the Persian Gulf between Bahrain to the northwest and the United Arab Emirates to the southeast. It has a population of just over 1.9m, which includes a substantial number of expats. Qatar economy is largely centered on is vast gas and oil reserves, with oil production accounting for around two-thirds of total government revenues. However, as with most Gulf States, Qatar is looking to reform and liberalize its economy to avoid over-reliance on hydrocarbons. The Qatar Financial Centre was established in 2005 with the aim of attracting international financial services...

Interview - Qatar Company Formation

Why should Chinese investors form companies in Qatar?Qatar is one of the world most dynamic and fast-growing economies in a fast-growing region, underpinned by an estimated US$16.7 trillion of magnetisable oil and gas reserves. Moreover, Qatar is also ranked the 13th most business-friendly country in the world and highest in the Middle East (World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 2013-2014). At the heart of the investment case is the stellar performance of Qatar economy. Between 2007 and 2012, nominal GDP grew at a compound average annual rate of 17%. The International Monetary Fund forecasts that the GCC economy will grow...