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Bank Of Asia Powered Up For Its New Chapter Of Growth

By Bank of Asia
Mrs. Lorna Smith, OBE welcomed the Bank's guests on behalf of its Chairman, Mr. Carson Wen, and the other members of the Board of Directors.
Chairman of BVI Finance and Regional Managing Director of Trident, Mr. Nick Bishop in his brief remarks, expressed his pleasure and gratitude that the principals of Bank of Asia had taken the decision to open a bank in the BVI. He considered the advent of the Bank of Asia to be a positive story and encouraged the industry to support the Bank.
President of the Bank Ms. Lisa Lou then provided an overview of the bank's offerings. She said the Bank is in a unique position to support the growth of the BVI Financial Industry, serving as the bridge between the BVI and Asia. She shared the Bank's objectives for the New Year which included capturing opportunities in the growing offshore Asset Management, Funds, and Digital Assets sectors. Advisory services have been added to the Bank's offerings, utilizing its strong resources here and in Asia in finance, legal and professional services. Ms. Lou herself is from Beijing, having worked at the C-Suite Level at several banks in China, including the last being Senior Managing Director and China Country Manager of State Street.
Ms. Lou also announced that the Bank will launch its new logo on 12 February, the first day of the Chinese New Year, to mark a new period of growth for the institution. The medium-dark shade of blue emphasizes the professionalism, reliability, and dedication with which the Bank delivers its services and the gravitas of the upscale clientele that the Bank is building. Ms. Lou also announced that the Bank of Asia has been granted a General Banking License. With this new license, Bank of Asia will be able to offer services to the BVI business community and residents, in addition to its global clients. The Bank is looking to bring its financial products and banking services to the local market, such as Term Deposits at competitive interest rates, Mobile Payment, and e-Wallets.
Vice President, Deon Vanterpool underscored the vital role of partnerships already established and growing with key industry players. The bank has tapped into new products, services beyond the traditional core banking services to raise the profile of the British Virgin Islands in the global financial services market.
Chairman and Founder of the Bank Mr. Carson Wen commented that Bank of Asia has now firmly established itself as a go-to bank for offshore companies as well as those looking for new fintech-enabled services. Customers from 33 jurisdictions have chosen to use the Bank of Asia for its services. 2021 will see Bank of Asia grow substantially to deliver on its promise to Change the Way People Bank.
About Bank of Asia (BVI) Limited:
Bank of Asia provides banking and asset management services to companies, high net worth individuals, family offices, and trusts across the globe, especially those with interests in offshore jurisdictions, through its digital platform.
The Bank's vision is to change the way people bank through delivering cost-effective, efficient, and user-friendly FinTech solutions, underpinned by innovative technologies and robust quantitative analytics in the Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering process.
In addition to general banking services such as deposits and loans in multiple currencies, cross-border payments, and remittance, it also provides investment banking, corporate advisory and structured financing, private banking, insurance, investment, and asset management services through its business partners.
Bank of Asia is licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Commission of the British Virgin Islands (BVI FSC).
For more details, please visit www.bankasia.com.