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Summarises the characteristics of the Indonesian foundation, the yayasan, and the Labuan foundation, TEP

The foundation is a very attractive vehicle for dynastic structuring of international wealth. It is known especially to families from civil-law jurisdictions. During the last few years a number of articles have been written about foundations and the use thereof in international estate planning and asset management. Unfortunately there is very little information about foundations in ‘old’ jurisdictions such as Dutch and Indonesian foundations (respectively called ‘Stichting and “Yayasan”’). The same can be said of other Asian foundations. The yayasan The Indonesian foundation (yayasan) finds its origins in the Dutch foundation or Stichting‘’ (dating back to early Roman law in Europe)....

Clearview Group

From 2007 Clearview Group operates in Dubai and Singapore as a boutique service provider, assisting clients from all over the world.  Besides a headquarter in Dubai, a representative offices in Singapore, Mauritius, Kenya and Armenia, Clearview Group has also a very strong and large network of corresponding offices in most of the African Continent, Europe, Americas and Asia.  With the focused and qualified staffs, we are helping the clients to bridge distances and cultural differences, giving a value added service to our clients’ businesses with the facilities regards to Trade Finance and Transfer Pricing structures, Operational and Logistical set ups...


The relationship between the People’s Republic of China and the Commonwealth of The Bahamas is stronger today than it ever was. Many feel that The Bahamas is China’s best friend in the Western Hemisphere. Indeed, Bahamians feel as if we are China’s best friend, and many people wish for it to remain that way. Geopolitics aside, the partnership is a mutually beneficial one as much as it is a lucrative one for both sides, but in very distinct ways. To put this relationship into the context of the present, the amount of money spent here in The Bahamas on several...

Trust or Foundation: The Bahamas is Better at Both

As one of the most progressive jurisdictions in the world for innovative and premier trust legislation, The Bahamas provides a robust and fertile environment for tailored structures that meet the most discerning needs of high net worth individuals and families. In The Bahamas, there is the ability to have perpetual trusts, protective trusts, trusts for purposes both charitable and non-charitable, private trust companies to administer the trusts of related settlers, trust substitutes such asfoundations and pure governance structures, like the Bahamas Executive Entity. The Bahamian trust is at once a model of robustness and flexibility. However, the trust is not a...

The Bahamas Investment Condominium (ICON) and the Innovation of Imitation

There is a saying, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”[1]. Indeed, private client hubs around the world have beencopying each other’s products for years, though with the best intent, to provide clients with a holistic set of tools to achieve their objectives. One might not call this innovative, but innovation can be found in even the minutest of changes, for example minor amendments to legislation or policy which can give afinancial center a competitive edge. Innovation also can be found in adapting an old idea in an innovative way, repurposing it for the benefit of the financial center’s clientele....

Your Business, Your Life in The Bahamas

It is not by chance that The Bahamas is amongst the most successful international financial centers in the region today.More than80 years of thought, effort and co-operation have produced ideal conditions for High Net Worth individuals, families and businesses, as well as fund-related companies to manage wealth efficiently in comfort and style. The country’s mature financial services industry, established infrastructure, progressive government, tax neutral environment and luxury lifestyle all have been carefully cultivated to satisfy the specific needs of the most exclusive clientele. The advantages of doing business in The Bahamas are as clear as the crystal waters surrounding the 700 islands...

Going Global with Citizenship by Investment

By Micha-Rose Emmett  In the wake of globalization, the doors have been opened to cross-border business and a multi-jurisdictional lifestyle. Those seeking to obtain or take up citizenship, or residence rights in another country, are simultaneously gaining entry to a wider array of countries. This provides individuals with greater freedom of movement and the ability to access a more international platform. Business-minded individuals will also look to alternative citizenship or residence as a means of opening themselves up to new and lucrative international business opportunities, and of expanding their global presence. It is public knowledge that a global class of highly skilled professionals,from...

The Bahamas and China: A History of Friendship

While the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and the People’s Republic of China established diplomatic relations in 1997, a robust relationship between the two countries -- created through trade, investment and the movement of people -- has existed for decades. Michael Craton and Gail Saunders (1998), in their seminal work on the modern history of The Bahamas, note that this relationship goes back to the late 1870s with the arrival of Chinese families in Nassau. Today Bahamians of Chinese descent occupy prominent places in industry, commerce, civics and philanthropy. The Bahamas and China continue to enjoy harmonious relations with deep cooperation...