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Helping Chinese Families Manage Their Wealth

Although China's economy is experiencing a slowdown amid global economic uncertainties, the number of Chinese super-wealthy is still increasing. There are over one million high net worth individuals in China and indications are that there is a clear trend among wealthy Chinese: their wealth is growing steadily; many send their children overseas for education; they are looking to move assets offshore and a growing number of them are willing to move overseas. As the trend for Chinese families to investment offshore gathers momentum they are looking overseas for financial solutions and many have adopted western-style tools such as trusts because...

Dual Citizenship opens doors to becoming a Global Player

More than any other period in our history, the 21st century has seen – and will continue to see – the meeting of cultures and the interaction of economies, marked by ever more free trade and the free movement of people and services. Each year we shift closer towards becoming a global village therefore, it is essential that individuals seize the opportunity early to become an active part of this trend. Dual citizenship is one of the most effective means to become a global citizen and take advantage of opportunities in the international space. [Subsection] How Can Dual Citizenship Make You...

Trusts in Dubai: the DIFC Alternative

Dubai’s population has been steadily doubling every 10 years approximately. Dubai’s suitable location between East and West, its top infrastructures and its tax-free environment (supported by an appealing network of double tax treaties) augur the continuity of this demographic growth – especially with the business opportunities rising in preparation for the EXPO 2020. As of 2014, Dubai had a population of 2,250,000 – out of which 85-90% were expatriates. These numbers are important in terms of asset protection. UAE laws are Sharia compliant and do not allow the same degree of flexibility when compared to other inheritance laws internationally. The...


When affluent individuals and families ponder on their estate planning needs; asset management and protection; the preservation of wealth; tax and succession planning; business continuation and all other such ideas that is the privilege of the wealthy, the usual structure recommended by wealth management professionals is, and continues to be, the Trust. A Trust is administered by a trustee who has title to all of the assets and usually owns the shares of a privately held underlying company. The company can own a variety of assets ranging from bank accounts to immoveable property, or may have the right to receive income...


POLYMAGE CONSULTING LIMITED has been established in Cyprus by the international group of experts specialized in corporate consulting business for years. Being a professional consultant, POLYMAGE CONSULTING LIMITED provides their clients with multidisciplinary wide range of legal, financial and corporate administrative services in Cyprus, in the EU, in a number of offshore tax exempted territories, and also in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. POLYMAGE CONSULTING LIMITED headquarteris located in the downtown of Limassol. The company has been duly licensed and supervised by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) to provide the client with professional services (License...

S.Zackheos & Associates Ltd

First Resident Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus in China His Excellency Ambassador Sotos Zackheos has had a distinguished diplomatic career serving, amongst other, in Moscow, asFirst Resident Ambassador to China, as well as Permanent Representative to the U.N. in Geneva and New York. Until his early voluntary retirement in 2007, he served as Permanent Secretary of the Cyprus Foreign Ministry (i.e. Deputy Foreign Minister).  During his service in China (1989 – 1993), Mr. Zackheos played an important role in upgrading Cyprus – China relations, both in the political sphere as well as in the promotion of economic and trade relations....

The new trust law of San Marino: a new form of trust

San Marino is a civil law country, probably one of the purest remaining: no civil code has ever been enacted and ius commune is still at the basis of its legal system. Ius commune is the common law that prevailed throughout Europe before the codes. In San Marino’s law, save when a specific matter is governed by statute, ius commune applies.   It was on this historical foundation that San Marino built its statute of 1st March 2010, No 42 on trusts (hereinafter “the Trust Law”).    The Trust law is a completely new law, totally revising the trust law...

A Glimpse Into Cyprus Immigration Law with An Emphasis on Citizenship

Cyprus constitutes the ideal destination for those seeking to embark upon a new and desirable habitat. The island offers high living standards, extraordinary outdoor attractions and sceneries, a Mediterranean climate in conjunction with a stable, sound and contemporary business environment with quality infrastructure. In this way, the island signifies a suitable destination for a wide range of individuals either seeking a permanent oasis or potential business and employment opportunities. In combination with its ideal location, Cyprus offers a considerably advantageous gateway to Europe. The third largest Mediterranean island after Sicily and Sardinia, Cyprus is located in the North – Eastern...